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Is there anything good about being updated when it comes to news and current events? Well, I do personally think it is a good thing, even with the horrible things you see, read and hear all over the news. I like to be updated, no matter how annoying the news is. Even if the news say that the gas prices is high or if the government made another foolish mistake or if someone just died because of a dumb guy who decided to bring his gun and shoot everyone with it.

For me, news is information. Information is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power empowers a person. An empowered person becomes a better person. You might say my way of thinking is weird, which is true, but I see nothing wrong with it. Ever since the olden times, information is a powerful tool and it is always used to improve a person. If you are updated it would be easy to conform to most people.

Another reason why news and current events is important to me is because of the fact that I enjoy having conversations and conversations would become even more enjoyable if you have plenty of topics to talk about such as what’s found on the news. Moreover, my female friends say that women prefer a conversant guy or a guy who knows a lot of things. They find meek and silent guy to be boring. They also don’t like guys who only have a few topics to talk about. Well, even if I am a girl, I wouldn’t want to stay with a guy who talks nothing but about himself and his interests only.

What is the purpose of this blog then? Well, it is simple. I made this blog to share my opinions about what’s happening in the news.

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