Faith In Humanity Lost

I just noticed one thing about social media.

Why are more people more concerned about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction than the story about the Germanwings co-pilot deliberately crashing his plane?

Man, my faith in humanity is lost!

Zayn Malik may be popular or something but leaving his band is not heavier than the deaths of 150 innocent passengers who were trapped together with a suicidal co-pilot. It is stupid to be sad about something insignificant. Zayn Malik is alive. Those 150 passengers are not. Zayn Malik can always go back to being a celebrity but those 150 passengers can never return to their families.

6958f1394e69498d28d71f823101-is-it-reasonable-for-someone-to-lose-faith-in-humanityWhy is humanity like this?

Why do news and topics related to entertainers and celebrities are more important to them than something that is significant like the loss of 150 passengers or the deaths of innocent individuals at the hands of Boko Haram or the brewing territorial dispute between China and the rest of South East Asia.

If society today is more concerned about Zayn Malik, then I don’t think the future would be good. Right now, I grieve for the loss of common sense.

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