It Came From the Toilet!

It was 2am when I woke up from the call of nature. Still groggy, I went to the bathroom to do my business when something horrible surprised me and snapped me out of my grogginess. As I lifted up the lid of our toilet seat I saw a huge rat trying to climb out of it. OMG! I was really surprised and I screamed like a witless woman.

A rat coming out of the toilet is a stuff of nightmare. It is like a horror movie gone wrong. Most of all, it is the sad reality of living in the city that uses a city sewerage system. And it is in these sewer system where rats make a living for themselves and do an occasional trip up the drain pipes, to the toilet and then into our house.

And even the pest control mice Los Angeles can do so little about this because they cannot do anything about this. After all, they have no jurisdiction when it comes to the city sewer system. The only thing they could do for me or to any other people with similar situation is to just catch the rat and dispose of it… something that most of us can actually do on our own.

That incident really gave me a traumatic experience. Whenever I use the toilet, there’s this creepy thought inside my mind that would make me imagine a rat kissing my ass while I am taking a dump. DUDE THAT SENDS SHIVERS DOWN TO MY SPINE!!!

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