No More Mice in my House


I was at the living room enjoying the only time I can rest and relax. It was a Saturday and there was no work for me so I can laze around all day and do nothing but lie around and read a pocket book. I thought that day would just be like any other rest day I had – a day wherein I had nothing to worry about. But I was wrong. While I was flipping the pages of the pocket book I was reading I noticed a shadow dashed just around the corner. At first, I paid it no attention but then a few minutes later there was that darting shadow again and again. I repositioned myself on the couch to clearly catch a glimpse on what was darting behind the shadows. Lo and behold! It was a mouse!

Great now I have an unwanted guest at home! Who knows how many of them are there? I wish I have a cat but I don’t have one and I don’t have the time and effort to track down each mouse and find where they are coming from. Maybe I have to call a professional rodent control services, which is what I did.

And I am glad that I have called them because if I didn’t my place would have been overrun by mice. The exterminators found a lot of mice behind the walls. There were even some litters. Wow, these mice were sure busy. I don’t know if I should be impressed with their ability to reproduce or be horrified with it. But boy sure I am glad that my place would never be a den of mice. It would be a horrible thing if it happened.

Moving on to the mice, I had an impressive time working with the exterminators. Technically I wasn’t working with them as an exterminator but I worked with them as a homeowner and helped oversee their work. Everything went really well and they even found the entry point of the invading mice and had it closed forever. I was saved and I am glad, very glad that they did. Now, I can rest easy that there are no rodents living in my house.

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