Buying Cars at BHPH

If we want to buy a new car we often say, “Hey, let’s visit a dealership!” Well, that is very simple, right? Some people may favor a particular auto dealership and some others do not but regardless of whether or not they have a favorite dealer or not, they would always go for the car that would catch their eye and discuss with the management what they need to drive the car they want home. However, it is a different story for those individuals with bad credit.

People with bad credit cannot easily get a new car. Because of their credit situation, banks and other financial institutions would deny their car loans. Moreover, some dealerships would shoo them away because they believe they will not be able to pay for the car. Thus, buying a car becomes very impossible for them… but that was just in the past, when there were no BHPH dealerships.

BHPH? What does that mean?

BHPH stands for Buy Here Pay Here, which is an in-house financing offered by certain auto dealerships to help people with bad credit buy a new car. It serves as the last resort to people having troubles in getting financed and the last resort into getting a new car. BHPH is like any other dealership, the only differences they have is that BHPH dealerships have more second hand cars in their lots. Furthermore, they would first discuss the payment plan, credit history and how much a person could afford and then decide which vehicle is more suitable for the person according to his financial situation.


When it comes to BHPH, don’t expect to find a prime quality car. Usually, the car you would be receiving would just be a decent car enough for regular transportation such as going to work, sending kids to school, getting groceries and the like.

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